Crazy or Good Idea…? Traveling Health Brigade?

Rescued PlantsOk so I’m on day 18 of writing every day on I’m feeling pretty good about that especially since I was able to keep it up without my husband around when he was at his conference…

Now I’m thinking about taking my daily commitment up to a WHOLE new level…see I watched this movie last night, called “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” that featured Joe Cross going across the united states doing a juice fast to help himself get healthy again, mostly through losing weight and getting pure nutrients instead of so many empty calories. It was HUGELY motivating, and while I’m not particularly concerned with my weight…I DO know that I’m deficient in nutrients based on my blood tests and combine that with Terry Wahl’s recommendations for lots of greens and kale for managing her MS I think I could definitely use a veggie juice a day for a while!!

I’m not going to fast but only because I’m still nursing….I will recommit to my not consuming processed food though and sticking to my paleo diet which is pretty much sticking with fresh fruits, veggies and meat. So the main difference is that I’ll be adding at least one vegetable juice a day. I am also planting my garden this week that has a lot of seeds from that I am ABSOLUTELY excited about…they are a seed provider that consists of many local farms dedicated to organic heirloom seeds…so there is some gooood stuff I’ll be getting and I feel good about the quality.

Watching all the videos on youtube and then watching FatSickAndNearlyDead movie on Netflix last night and of course watching Terry Wahl on TED Talks has me thinking about a BIG project…I’m going to ask my members if they’d be interested and maybe launch a crowdsourcing effort if I get good response to this post and others I’ll be crafting for this idea::

I can’t help but think…what if I used all of this precious information to do like Joe Cross did and travel the country…not necessarily to get people to lose weight but to increase their health? Kind of like John talks about “Good, Better, Best” and to talk about my MS diet, talk about Terry Wahl’s success, and to introduce the opportunity to provide their bodies with the nutrients that they are so likely craving even if they don’t know it? I figure providing tools like the with Joe Cross and then doing evaluations for people about growing the best produce for their location and also consuming it with the information from John Kohler would be monumental!! I’m not a producer yet but I certainly know a few things about video editing and know MANY people from my school days at Parsons School of Design that I am sure I can get some help pulling some awesome stuff together.

So am I crazy or does this sound cool? I would like for it to follow my method of focusing on adding good stuff more than getting rid of bad though getting rid of the bad is hugely important step 2 I do believe that adding the good is step 1…and cleansing the system with a fast is step 3 which I haven’t done yet but if I ever finish having and nursing babies I certainly will. Step 4 I think is committing to a diet similar to my ideal which is limited meat, and massive amounts of fruits and vegetables…preferably grown out in the yard. I also think that exercise is a huge part of this though I haven’t worked much of that part out, I think that the good better best is consuming any veggies and then organic (like Joe says) and the best is growing it ourselves organically (like John Kohler says). I would love to travel the country and help people plant gardens and find ways to increase their intake of veggies…I would love to sell those amazing blenders that John sells too (juicers too!) along with tips for using them to consume what is grown..I believe that blending is a little bit better than juicing personally because it totally mashes everything up to expose the nutrients and it ALL gets consumed…not just the juice.

I suppose while I’m at it maybe I could talk about setting up compost (something I’m not an expert in) but with the leftover produce parts stems/juicing remains etc. it would be a fabulous gift to the earth to be giving that back to our future plants and food…

Following are some of my references, some I mentioned and some I didn’t but I am absolutely obsessed with all of the following…

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Sites Referenced: – I love their catalog way more than their site info-wise

…and if anyone wants to take saving the planet to a whole other level…I haven’t done this but might someday have to try it out if we ever own our own place again:

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