Crazy Sugar Cravings…

I feel like food has basically taken over my life, there’s either not enough, not the right kind, or not enough energy to gather the kids/find enough $$ to go get some. Too often this leads to my making the ultimate no-no decision and driving through a local one of these places.

I KNOW it is bad, and I KNOW I need to stop, it is driving me crazy but I feel SO SO much better after I eat a donut.

I understand how people get royally addicted to sugar and carbs.

Aside from these very occasional indulgences (still way too many!) I have been very good about staying very paleo…last night I made soup out of the ham hocks I got at the farmers market and I had some of that for lunch too.

I bought some jerky at the farmers market too, last week, and am kicking myself over and over for forgetting it that day…

I’m struggling to find some good paleo snacks on my budget! I will get more food money next week sometime, right before school starts, til then I have about $14…what to do.

I was about to make myself some coconut frosting just now with powdered sugar and coconut milk then my husband came in and grabbed a [amazon_link id=”B00024CU2K” target=”_blank” ]Gu Energy Gel[/amazon_link] packet, so I grabbed one of those instead. Not sure if it’s really much better, we have them from my pregnancy labor stash. It was yummy though and will hold me over a little while…maybe long enough to cook up those chicken thighs I got the other day.

—I made popcorn and covered it with spicy cayenne pepper…my husband has a yummy plan for the chicken so holding off on that…once I eat this and the urgency subsides I’ll explore the fridge.

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