Crisis Management

I am realizing that this is a role, or position that I am pretty comfortable stepping into. I used to work as a “Technical Escalation Manager” and it served me very well. I enjoyed working with very frustrated people to provide both empathy, and translating their “WORDS” into communication that could be easily digested by all levels of the company, from corporate staff to the engineers and sales team.

I’m not sure what kind of position this prepares me for.

I have played with the idea of being a middle school teacher, or even a peer support specialist for the teens that are in trouble. I’ve played with going back into tech support but that kind of gets old.

Most recently I get the most enjoyment out of learning about new companies/applications and submitting feedback as I find bugs or see ways to improve the flow or experience of the customer (UX) in the process. It is fun, and I enjoy when my thoughts are occasionally validated and appreciated by the staff/leaders that see and respond to it.

Will see where this leads…

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