Cutting Back on Coffee #Day0

Alright, so the whole coffee thing isn’t really happening. Yesterday would have been my day 2, but when my husband and I were heading to a meeting I lost it and said “GET ME SOME COFFEE!!” I just didn’t feel human and didn’t want to go to meet with a client in that condition.

So fortunately I felt better after that, but then after reading my friends Day 30 blog post about being on the Whole 30 diet I realized that was what I really wanted. In the past I have cut grains/dairy etc. before, but currently this hasn’t been the case.

So for now I’m putting my coffee break on hold and instead I’m cutting grains, legumes, and milk. In the past I did this though I also cut eggs, this plan definitely includes eggs but I am going to work hard to not be overly dependent on them.

So far today qualifies as a day one since I have only eaten eggs and bacon (with some fresh basil), black coffee, tea and water. At some point lunch will have to happen though, so I am lookin forward to my salad which will consist of lettuce and some herbs from my garden, an avocado, olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar.


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