Cutting Back On Coffee #Day1

Alright, so I was reading something online the other day, it was about coffee and cortisol. I was reading it because I realized that maybe THAT was what my problems were related to…I drink MASSIVE amounts of coffee (or so I’m told) and I have sometimes cut back but only for maybe a summer or something, usually something comes up like a new job, school starting or cold weather and I just can’t rationalize holding back.

In this article it was talking about how cortisol is raised by high amounts of caffeine!

This caught my attention because I have started (muttering now) gaining more weight than I have except when I’ve been pregnant. I follow a pretty good diet, better than a lot of people and I’ve been doing a lot of yoga. I even cut way back on drinking for a while to see if that made a difference too! It totally did not.

I feel like I owe it to myself to cut back on caffeine. I know that as we get older it gets harder to do this (or so I hear) but I’m on a mission to get healthier and healthier each year, not heavier and heavier.

I did drink coffee today, it was the whining kids that did me in eventually, but today I did NOT drink the whole french press that I normally exceed (yesterday I had about 1.5)! I followed that with a one teabag black tea (Organic Darjeeling, my favorite!). I wasn’t feeling super productive though, this is how I explained it on facebook:


So just after posting that my husband came in bouncing around saying “you gotta try this, you gotta try this” and he was talking about the binaural beats app that we got some time ago. So I’m listening to it now, so far it is not unpleasant aside from my tablet seeming to shut it off after a few minutes which is distracting…so I’m just swiping the screen every time it gets darker at this point.

If it keeps my energy up maybe I’ll have the time/focus to figure out how to keep it from doing that!
Binaural Stimulation

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