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I have been doing a lot of research to solidify my offerings for PTSA 2.0 (click that link and join to stay up to date!) and had a great conversation yesterday with a man who described his experiences with his daughter and her education enhanced through online communication:

When we switched to the school my daughter is at now I was happy to see that I get a daily email about what was scheduled to happen in class each day, a lesson plan if you will. When she was at her old school we didn’t get anything like this and I love that now I am able to support what she is learning about in class when she is at home.

This is something that can either be a lot of work for a teacher, having to keep track of emails, lists, and that sort of thing, or using modern web 2.0 tools like MailChimp, iContact or Constant Contact to be almost fully automated and scheduled at the time of creating the lesson plans adding only the time it takes to copy, paste, and select a date to send for the teacher once it is set up one time.

My vision for the future impact of the PTSA 2.0 is that in addition to making tools like this fully accessible to the teachers, the parents will be able to collaborate and share information as well. This is easy to do with the private online communities I can help a school PTA/PTSA set up with separate groups (for classes/grades or other topics) that can be used to share and get information. Imagine for example the parent volunteers who have the time to reflect and write about what they experience/see during their time in the classroom or the parents able to attend the monthly PTA/PTSA meeting on what they heard there. This would make it so that all the parents who are too busy working or taking care of their other kids access to this otherwise seemingly unobtainable information.

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