Day Six Past EDD

Today marks my sixth day past due…I feel pretty good, big, really tired at times but definitely still functional!!

My sister and I were racing, I was due last Thursday and she was due next Thursday…she won (congratulations!!) and bore her second beautiful baby girl today…a perfect 8lb 8oz even!!

I spent today going to see my midwife who tried to scrape my membranes (sounds so vulgar!) yet couldn’t reach my mostly closed cervix…I found out later my husband and I both considered volunteering his hands and longer fingers for the job but held back.

After that is when I took this picture which was taken in the Jefferson Park CC bathroom. We (Mom and I) met up with a few friends of mine and Kenzie’s there and I’d been and then continued running (well walking) around with Hazel/helping the girls climb up/down things etc.

Then after leaving the park we went to Costco, then my girls fell asleep. We’d been headed somewhere but cancelled it so they could get rest.

Soon I just started feeling anxious, my legs were a little crampy and it was almost like atrophy was taking place…I HAD TO MOVE.

After throwing fits as needed, my lovely man and I loaded up the girls and headed to the park. Seward Park to be specific, it’s a lovely big park on a peninsula in south Seattle near our home. A couple (2-3) miles later we all played on the playground and went back home.

Bratwurst and tortellini (thanks mom!) was what we had for dinner and now we are watching 5th Element, Hazel is asleep and Kenzie is pretty close.

I’m counting contractions too…ranging between every ten and seven minutes or so, still totally bearable though much stronger than I have felt the last few days…I can tell I will meet my new baby at least pretty soon and I am so so excited!! I’m not calling anyone yet as this could go on for a long time. Not regular or strong enough, I’m enjoying it!!

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