Dear Seattle Parks: Cancelled Swimming Lessons…

Swimming Cancelled

So…I’ve been bragging a lot recently. See I scored with some swimming lessons that cover ALL the kids, within one hour…totally cool. Tonight I was taking the kids to their classes, which were at Helene Madison Pool, and as I parked, I noticed someone was in their car, a couple spaces away from me. He was giving me a look like he wanted to tell me something, and I realized it was a friend, a fellow parent so I got out of the car. Apparently he had just had a conversation with another dad, who told him that there were not classes tonight. Now at this point, I have three kids in my van who are VERY excited for their swim class…and so I hardly believe him! So then…

He offered to stay with the kids/cars, so I went in to ask, I could see someone was in the pool so it just didn’t seem right. So I walked in the door, and went to the man at reception to ask him. He confirmed that there were no classes! I didn’t give him too hard of a time, because I am pretty sure he’s not making the decisions but I DO ask about next week. No apology. I ask if we will have class NEXT week, a question that should indicate that it was NOT communicated that this day there wouldn’t be lessons. He just says that it is “just tonight” that they aren’t happening though, completely casually.

Fuming a bit, I walk back outside. I pass yet another dad, who is walking with an adorable toddler towards the pool entrance. I give him the news, he too, like the other parents I have either dealt with or heard about is shocked. He goes in saying “He’ll have to tell her” or something like that.

So I ended up taking the kids home…my girls were not happy, and my son, well you can see in the picture he was STILL crying about it when we got home. He was very excited about his swimming lessons. It would have been nice to have proper notice, and considering it wasn’t just “me” showing up but three other parents, if they did do something, it wasn’t enough. They could have:

*Sent an email

*Made an “Announcement” at the end of class the week before (aka talking to the parents)

*Posted notices

*Handed OUT notices

*Posted info about it on your FB page

*Could have even called!

The inconsiderate move to cancel classes without notice was not cool.

I believe that you can do a better job communicating Seattle Parks & Recreation, and have a procedure around communicating to parents about this kind of thing. You have our emails, USE THEM!! There’s this cool thing that businesses/people can do to communicate via text message, PLEASE USE THEM!

You are in one of the most tech savvy cities in the world, we know you can do better. You do have some awesome teachers though, I’ll give you that, and we will keep coming back for this reason, just please warn us next time.

Seattle Parks/Pools Update!! – (added 1/28/15)

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