Defragmentation Of Life (DOL) Begins

Times have been challenging in the financial areas of my life recently. I have decided, along with my husband that the time has come to greatly minimize the sheer amount of “stuff” in our life, we have a lot we don’t use so why keep it around? Time to put it all back into the flow…

Defragmentation is described as organizing and optimizing the fragmentation which has occurred. I wish there were a tool for life like there once was for computers but for now I don’t know of one so I’ll just use the analogy.

Here are a few of the big reasons for doing this:
Reducing clutter around us will help reduce clutter in our minds, not to mention making it easier to find what we want or need to find!

We are looking at possibly moving in the next two months which doesn’t give us much time! Our next place would likely be smaller and plus moving less sure would streamline the process of moving too!

Also we never really “chose” what to keep or get rid if when combining households a few years ago. This means lots of things like pans that we have more than we really need.

I’ve created a category called “Organization” where I’ll be documenting the projects and progress as I move forward with this.

Please share any tips you have too because I could sure use them!

My first project is going to be “My Work Shelves”

Here are links to my ‘actual’ progress through DOL…
DOL – Day 1: A Humble Confession

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