Depression Hurts Us All…

I have never been diagnosed with depression, but I know people who have been, and I am writing this post today because I wonder what is worse, being depressed or watching someone you love be depressed.

One very close person in my life who was once very driven, then very torn down by life started on meds. I watched as they faded into a loopy happy person who was always ‘ok’ and never again really acknowledged any hard times it seemed. From the outside it appears that reality doesn’t touch them in the least, and coming from me that is especially meaningful because I am a very optimistic person, sometimes making people sick with my “looking at the bright side of things” attitude, I can also feel pain though, hence my writing this post.

Another person I know isn’t taking anything for depression, and with an IQ that is well above mine is now declaring their stupidity. No matter what I say or what other people say, it isn’t believed that this person is loved, capable, smart, and contributing to making the world a better place.

Depression is a serious problem, and I wish that it was easier to get help. I’m not a doctor, a nurse, a counselor or anything but I really believe that there probably are medications that can help people with depression and that it takes a lot of oversight by a doctor who knows what they are doing to make sure it is the right prescription, and it takes a lot of strength within the depressed person to participate in the process of figuring out what is needed, not to mention the cost of co-pays and fulfilling the prescriptions.

How have you dealt with depression? Have you gotten help? Have you watched someone else go through and get over it?

I wish I knew a way to help my friends more than I know how, it feels like I’m talking to a wall when they are down and that no matter how encouraging I intend to be it isn’t received that way because they seem to be talking to a mirror of their depressed self and can’t see me, even worse they can’t seem to see themselves either.

If you have any tips or advice I would really appreciate it…

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