Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

Sometimes it really feels like things just kind of “happen” for a reason doesn’t it? That’s how I feel about getting selected for this book review by BlogHer. I have been lucky enough once before to get chosen to receive an advance copy but this is my first time getting selected for a fiction book. I do not usually even read fiction, but I loved this I might have to start! I am discussing the book here on BlogHer.com

So yes…Diary of a Mad Fat girl was a wonderful read. I was initially put off by the title because I get frustrated with the stereotypes of women thinking they are fat and how it affects their self esteem. Fortunately Ace is a spunky character, who reminds me of friends I’ve had. She takes her role as a friend to a whole new level…perhaps this is a normal southern friendship and my mostly NW upbringing has kept me sheltered from it but to me it was amazing. The portrayal of friendships in this book, their endurance their power, their beauty was awe inspiring. I also, by the end of the book had a new found respect, love and warm fuzzies for my husband. Like Ace I have definitely struggled a bit with trust, accepting love, and believing that something that good is REALLY that good, and while I can’t quite explain why, seeing how she wrote about it helped me feel okay about me.

Diary of a Mad Fat girl is written as a diary would be written, in a fun and honest disclosing all the details kind of way. Learning the story of how the book was published, first as a super deal, then self published and then signed to a publisher was just as awe inspiring. I am feeling content, happy, grateful, and ready to get to doing more of my own written reflections now.

Yes, I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own. I am discussing the book with other people HERE too come join us!

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