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I absolutely love that Archive.org exists…and I try to donate to it every time I find little nuggets of the past that I am looking for. This week I decided to see if they had copies of my old sites, some of the ones I made while I was going to or just out of school in NYC at Parsons School of Design (now called Parsons the New School of Design). Here are some of the goodies that I found…

This one obviously wasn’t fully captured, but the table from 2002 above kind of made me feel a little nostalgic to the ImageReady days when I would design the site in Photoshop, set up the slices in ImageReady and just “save as website” it has been a long time since then. Soon after I used a “selfie” like image…

ParadoxRouge 2002
Paradoxrouge 2003

Which I soon added flash to apparently…I don’t remember what I put in the flash though. I do remember updating my site a lot with pictures from the day. I can only imagine what I would have done with a blog at the time!

Soon my attention shifted to KristinBennett.com (this domain) and here is what I had up here in 2003, which is also the year I graduated from college:

KristinBennett.com 2003

This site I did most of in Illustrator and as you can see the circle elements had a rollover effect in that they turned orange when the mouse went over them. like this:

KristinBennett.com 2004

I remember that usually the bottom images were of my drawings and paintings at that time. It was around this time that I participated in a Licensing Trade show and I was hoping to somehow license my illustrations, this never happened but I was hired to do a few illustrations for people including one self published (by someone else) childrens book, wish I thought to put those pics up!

KristinBennett.com 2004

Soon I started updating the sites text more, as you can see in the screenshot above, I had started to go to more politically oriented events, I was already passionate about Women’s rights for example and attended a number of marches in DC and NYC. Soon it all changed though…

KristinBennett.com 2004

I made a big change to the site and cleaned it up in early 2004, in this image you are seeing the rollover to what I referred to as Kimby Designs. It used to be KimbyDesigns.com but that has since been taken and used by someone else, here is a screenshot of what once was though…

KimbyDesigns.com 2004

As you can see I had more of my illustrations up and what you can’t tell is that the images each link to a page that tells a story about them. I had wanted them all to link to a forum where people could discuss what the picture represented for them. Unfortunately it was just phpbb at that time and because of spam I had to take it down, but here is some of the story pages that got archived and if you look closely you can see how I adjusted my logo when I got pregnant!:

Eye to Eye KimbyDesigns.com 2004

TV Zombie 2005 KimbyDesigns.com

My ‘main’ page KristinBennett.com got one of my illustrations put on it when I got pregnant too, this linked to things like ultrasound pictures and a sporadic journal of my pregnancy in 2005.

KristinBennett.com 2005

I also soon added “Jack’s Culture Shop” which is what I named my ebay store when I was doing that…my uncle passed away while I was pregnant and dealing with the stuff he left behind was a big part of my life (and survival) at that point with ebay:

KristinBennett.com 2005

Jack's Culture Shop

I transitioned Paradoxrouge.com into a portfolio site around this time, and these days I’m wishing I kept it around, maybe I can find some of those files!

Paradoxrouge 2005

Here are a few of the detail pages of this site:

2005 BushHeights

2007 NYConnections

2006-2009 Was a busy time…I moved from NYC to Seattle and got started at a job that lasted a few years which took time away from my website projects, got married in 2008, and then laid off while I was pregnant in 2009. Fortunately by this point I had discovered wordpress and while I went through a lot of rapid transitions at least kept this site going.

KristinBennett.com 2010

KristinBennett.com 2013

I’m sure you recognize that last one if you’ve followed this site at all, I recently added the “Grounding Flair” and now that I finally have Adobe Creative Cloud I will be able to do design again…I haven’t had it since almost 2009 and that was just at work!

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