Dirty Hands and Ripped Jeans

It is definitely springtime… I admit the warm weather that we have had here has been way too tempting and I did start pretty early, I forget if it was February or March but I got a GREAT deal on a whole bunch of strawberries and went ahead and threw some seeds in the ground too! Now I have lots of peas, strawberries and lettuce going and about 4 tomato plants that I started from seed that seem to be surviving outside.

I have to smile because when I came inside from gathering eggs, planting one more tomato and sprinkling some broken eggshells around everything (to deter those slugs!) I saw that I had ripped my jeans (by my shin) when I climbed through the fence to get to the secret laying spot of “Glittery Sparkle” and even the TOPS of my hands were dirty…lol!! I love it though, and am excited to get some more yumminess planted soon!! I’m happy that one of my pumpkin plants is still around (of two) and two of my broccoli plants (of three) are still around too…so far so good!

In my pots my blueberries have TONS of flowers which is exciting, and my raspberries and blackberries are growing lots of leaves, so I hope they are able to produce some berries this year!! I am itching to plant those in the ground but am waiting til I can plant them somewhere we own…especially the apple tree which is covered with blossoms too.

So exciting!!

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