Discount for Gift that Keeps Giving!! Unlimited toys? Yes!

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What better way to kick-off the holiday season than with new toys! With a Pley LEGO subscription, you can get unlimited toys delivered directly to your front door! Even better? Now through December 8th, you can get 20% off any prepaid or monthly plan at Pley!

Pley makes it so easy for kids of all ages to rent LEGO sets, saving parents hundreds of dollars per year on toys that tend to get enjoyed for a brief time and then neglected. With Pley’s 20% off deal, it’s the perfect time to try out this fun subscription service that the whole family will enjoy.

Take advantage of this offer before it ends by clicking on the link below and signing up today! The 20% discount will automatically be taken off at checkout.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Pley Rentals

What happens if LEGO pieces get lost?
No worries. Pley doesn’t charge for missing pieces. They understand that LEGO bricks can get lost.

With that said, any help you can give them in minimizing losses is much appreciated. Keeping the bricks in a tray or a box makes it easier to keep track of the pieces and make it easier to build.

Are the toys clean?
Absolutely! Pley cleans and sanitizes each toy after every use using eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions. They use commercial grade high temperature washers to clean the toys thoroughly inside and out.

Concerned that kids won’t want to return the toys?
Pley has heard from customers that this isn’t much of an issue. Kids love receiving new toys and playing with them. But when they are done, they look forward to receiving the new toys and they understand the benefits of sending the current ones back. And, they learn to appreciate the value of sharing. However, if your kid is interested in keeping a particular set, Pley offers the option to buy it in one click from your account page.

Sign up today at and save 20%!

Pley Rent LEGO Toys

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