Opinion on PCP vs CAM

I wrote this in the comments of THIS article

I’m so grateful that I finally discovered my naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, and masseuse.

I used to go to doctors offices to be told to wait, in fact it gets worse, I got a muscle spasm about a year and almost 3 months ago, days before my due date, and I could not turn my head so I:

Called my PCP and said omg I will be giving birth soon, any minute, and I can’t move my head it hurts so badly when I turn my head what can I do??

They took a message, then said, “There’s no reason to come in, he’s just going to tell you to take some tylenol and wait”

NOT, I was going to have a natural birth and I knew being unable to move my head was a problem that had to be fixed sooner, so I called my midwife and left a message.

Finally I decided to give my acupuncturist a call, he’d helped me turn my breech baby about a week before so maybe he could fix this? I sent him an email and within an hour got a response asking if I could come in at a particular time the same day….he told me all this himself mind you, I didn’t have to talk to a nurse to put me on hold to take a message or anything!!

I went to the acupuncturist where he used moxi, needles, and some deep tissue work on this tiny spot on my back and asked me to try and turn my head.

It turned, and it didn’t hurt.

I haven’t looked back, if the doc is as uncreative as this yet there are real ways to deal with problems that FIX the problems instead of masking them?? I’ll stick with the tried and true fix it methods.

PCP’s could at least study up enough on CAM to know what kind of Alternative therapy might help a person the most…hmm…wait did I just define the new PCP?

I hope so. They need to learn to look outside the box, to the east, the west, the kitchen, and outside in nature…then they’ll become closer to being more valuable than a signature to get drugs or other coverage.

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