Ok, I have been really really distracted by the elections of recent. First it was Seattle School District wanting to bulldoze my daughters school I mean a proposal to do so that they had to vote on that we had to get all strategic about with the site, meetings, surveys, and so much more…and then BAM!! It was election time,I knew who I was voting for, as well as how I was voting on the many items we had to choose from on our ballots. I’ll just say this:


I say this based on how the elections came out:


Those are the things I was paying the most attention to…and I’m glad that enough people agreed with me that all those things came out the way that I believe they should.

Now I’m settling back into regular life, a bit frazzled, yet so relieved that it IS regular life and that things are not only staying stable but getting better. Our worries about the school aren’t quite settled yet but it is a bit calmer since our name has gone off the list.

I am so happy that my friends who love someone of the same sex will soon have the same rights as me to get married, that being gay will therefore be more normal and less stigmatized. I’m also glad that what so many people are doing anyway, smoking weed, is no longer cause for them to be arrested and jailed.

I feel good, like the world is becoming a better place. I’m also totally exhausted but I think that is more because I’ve got three kids than anything…and speaking of them I had better go see what they are up to…they had gluten tonight and seem to be losing their minds!!

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