DOL – Day 1: A Humble Confession


My distraction prone self is having a very hard time…I haven’t gotten started yet on my DOL! I have a lot of things I have in my personal to-do-queue that are some serious competing commitments. I am going to be open and honest about these as this is what I’m doing this for, to share my journey so that as I stumble through it hopefully someone who has advice with share and anyone going through the same thing will know they aren’t alone.

Here are the things that are competing for my time:

1.) – Other cleaning distractions like clearing the floor or doing dishes
2.) – Limited time to focus on these activities, as I find doing it with Hazel around leads to much more floor/other messes being made.
3.) – Time needed to create graphics for this site (a computer malfunction kept this from happening this morning)

I like to write about the challenges I face too because for me the act of doing so often leads to the answers to my problems coming up seemingly on their own.

So here is how I’m tackling these challenges:
1.) I am going to organize my desk area and then take on the floor, my logic being that it will feel SO good to clear my work space that I’ll get a burst of energy and clearing the floor will be easy in comparison.

2.) I will just do it, like I said with the first problem, getting each big section done will streamline my process increasing my overall energy to be able to tackle these additional challenges, plus if the girls see me cleaning more I believe they will start to help more!

3.) Toughest challenge, but I am telling myself these too will be easier to tackle with a better optimized environment.

Long story short…if I just do it, then it will be done way faster and I will be reaping the benefits that much faster as well.

I am doing this for the following benefits:

I want to streamline my process of getting things done, to remove the plethora of distractions that are surrounding me at the moment to keep my focus on my tasks of the day.

With my work/computer life streamlined, I will be more efficient reducing the amount of time needed to get things done and then will have more time to be with and focus on my sweet girls, this will teach them that cleaning makes life better in a lot of different ways and I really want to be a better influence than I am currently.

Those are my biggest reasons…so now in the middle of day two here is what I’m committing to:

I am going to clear off my work shelf and organize all the random papers that are there somewhere else, put my computer back up there, hopefully get it to turn on (that was the complication of this morning).

Once this is done I will clear the floor, goal is to have both of these done in the next hour and to then start tackling dishes too…if I am able to get all three of those things done, then I will pick up my knitting and get a few more rows done on Geoff’s Hat.

What is DOL?
DOL – Day 1: A Humble Confession

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