DOL – Day 2: One Shelf…kind of cleaned.

Hmm…I got one shelf cleared off and less things put back onto it, but looking at this picture it doesn’t really look more organized…I have my MSI, calendar, pens, coffee and a power strip on it. I also have some important papers under the calendar for Kenzie’s school, things like report cards and things I really need to find a GOOD place to put it.

So the approach I’m taking at this point is to basically clear off surfaces, I put the papers (LOTS of papers) in a pile after throwing out anything not important, and then neatly put that stack on a different bookshelf. I see a new filing system in my future, I’m hoping one of those small carriable ones will be sufficient.

I did not make it to the floor clearing or dishes at all, so for today, which is Day 3 I have the day, or at least most of it to myself, Geoff is giving me the gift of some free time, which I appreciate though am torn as to whether it means it makes sense for me to relax or if it means I have a chance to clean up a lot.

Instinct is saying clear some more shelves, or at least remove everything and put it back more consciously and neatly. I will tackle the two shelves below “my” shelf and the one shelf above.

Once again once these are done, I do want to tackle clearing the floor, dishes I think I’ll hold off on and take some knitting time if I have a chance so I do get some relaxing time too, unless a dish urge emerges which though unlikely is possible.

Our next place or this place if we keep it, would really be much more manageable with a dishwasher…I’m wishing I took up an offer months ago for a $75 one a friend was getting rid of.

If anyone wants to get us a special present a dishwasher plus installation would be AWESOME.

Here’s the summary for my DOL project:

What is DOL?
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