Earth Day…

I have always loved Earth Day…I mean sure, it started when I was a kid and surely realized that it meant presents for me, but as an adult now, who LOVES plants, growing them, watching them, ingesting them and so on…I love Earth Day in every way.

In the last week I’ve planted about five lily bulbs, and I bought one honeysuckle that I totally intend to put into the earth, I just haven’t decided where…(side of house gets the best sun, but I would love to watch it grow along the chicken wire in the backyard!

I really want to get some roses, and if possible a cherry tree too, because a few years back I had a Cherry Tree that got left behind…I considered it an investment in the earth, but to tell the truth I totally miss that tree. I do have one little tree baby that came off of it but it is so small!! I’m sure if I keep it a few more years I’ll see some cherries, but yeah, I’m not over getting a new one!

Hazelnut and Apple Trees

I also love Hazelnut trees…if I found a young yet mature enough male Hazelnut tree to put in the ground I totally would…because then the female tree in the backyard of the house where we recently moved into would make nuts!! What a gift to all the squirrels, us if we stay here long and any other future residents!! In the picture above you can see it on the left, I don’t think it was blooming yet but this is what the flowers look like:

Hazelnut Female Flower

It is so tiny, hard to tell maybe in this picture but it is about half an inch, if that, in diameter. Squirrels really seem to like them, I bet they would even more if they turned into nuts!!

Someday I want to get my vegetables growing again too, you might remember me posting pictures like this from a few years ago:

Garden in 2011

That was in 2011 after having Zazen and moving into a place where I had free access to a litte plot of land that previously had belonged to some chickens. I had so many tomatoes, kale, mustard greens, even a big artichoke plant! I loved it, unfortunately the “home” part of that residence didn’t quite fit our family very well.

Then I had all my containers in pots…they did pretty well but I felt so bad keeping them out of the earth:

Potted Tomatoes 2012

I have a job this year and significantly less garden time…so we will see what I come up with! I want a garden bed this time, with wooden sides etc. to fill with dirt but who has the time to do that? Not sure yet…might just have to invade the grass or get some chickens to come eat it up….more on that some other time!

I’ll be working on my birthday and doing my best to make it a beautiful day for everyone I interact with…because I know I will have the best day possible if I do that! Namaste!!

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