I really like eggs.

At some point during adolescence I figured it out, that I was allergic to eggs. I wouldn’t eat them for about a year and then I forgot about it.

wpid-wp-1422474551232.jpgNow, at 30, I’m living in a situation with lots and lots of chickens living just outside my door who lay about a dozen eggs a day!! To top it off I’m broke too and yes, you guessed it. I’m allergic to eggs.

Oh how I wish I could eat eggs every morning for breakfast without worrying about side effects like triggering my MS or giving me an upset belly!!

I wish I could crack those fresh fresh eggs into my smoothies and everything.

But no, I am not to eat eggs. If we ever decide to eat a chicken, yeah I’ll eat some of the bird, but no eggs.


Had to get that out…

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