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It’s been quite a while, sleep hasn’t really been happening at our house (at least seemingly not for me and the kids). I have been progressively getting more and more tired, ragged, and kind of beat up feeling. Hell I wrote a post about the world ending this morning…and while I do believe I have some points there about the current state of the world…I have also been struggling at home. Our severe lack of regular income, and my lack of sleep which leads to my not having “me” time. Ironic I once started a post about my “me” time and I don’t think it ever got finished…I’ll have to pick that up next time I have a few moments in the morning I think.

But yes, to my point. As you can see from the picture above…the two youngest kids are ASLEEP. This happening this early (approximately by 7pm) is nothing short of a miracle.

Last night the challenges being felt by me internally and externally from not being able to get all our kids asleep had me close to a nervous breakdown…I pulled my hair and even sat on the floor in the kitchen all balled up crying for a while. I felt like I failed as a parent, that I was losing my patience, and that if I didn’t get time for me soon that I would no longer be a nice person. I was a little dramatic to say the least.

So then…today happened, almost like the night before was [amazon_link id=”0316346624″ target=”_blank” ]The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference[/amazon_link].

Geoff told me he was ok with me taking some time this morning to get some work done after dropping off Kenzie. I went to a local coffee shop and didn’t really get much done, though I did write that world ending post and met a guy named Fish who has some pretty cool illustrations that he does. I also read a little bit of the latest Occupy news.

We had decided to try NOT letting Hazel nap…while it goes against just about everything I have read ([amazon_link id=”006073602X” target=”_blank” ]Sleepless in America: Is Your Child Misbehaving…or Missing Sleep?[/amazon_link] for example) I decided to give it a try.

I played with her today, she helped me with laundry, she played by herself some of the time, and overall it was a very nice day for us. Before his Tai chi class Geoff cooked up some salmon and so we ate a little bit of that (I had a glass of wine as well) and I left Hazel watching a ‘final’ video…she wanted to see Arthur and we agreed that after she watched the one she was watching she would come to bed…I went into the bedroom, nursed Zazen to sleep and when she didn’t come, I came out to find her sleeping on the couch (aw….). I carried her in to bed and took the picture above.

So now it’s been almost a good ten minutes and look how much I got written!! Now I might even try to get back to my 750words routine!! I feel like a goddess or something, I actually got her to sleep. I got him asleep. THEY ARE BOTH ASLEEP.

We will see what happens with Kenzie and Geoff get back but omg…tonight is awesome.

Oh right, and Geoff got a job offer too…last night we talked about our stress and anxiety (mostly mine) impacting the kid’s…and maybe that had something to do with it to. I’m feeling better and based on results…they appear to be feeling good too.

>>EXHALE<< -- Yeah I've been waiting for this one...[amazon_link id="B00066FAVW" target="_blank" ]Waiting to Exhale[/amazon_link] Cheers to our new life, stability, sanity, and making a difference!!! I'm excited to talk to Geoff before bed..have a pleasant night sleep, and a wonderful day tomorrow.

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