Epstein Barr & Multiple Sclerosis

I just read an article from WebMD about Epstein Barr & Multiple Sclerosis, it is interesting in that they took some people, (this is how I understood it, read article if you are really curious) and tested these people for the Epstein Barr (EB) virus. They found that 100% of the people who were later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis had in fact first shown up positive for the Epstein Barr virus.

I did google this a bit though and found that about 95% of the population has been exposed to this…so I’m not sure if this is really an important finding or not. I thought it was a big deal when I first saw it because I remembered meeting with someone who was suffering from something different that for some reason I remembered as EB but it was actually Bells Palsy which is different…so I guess the cause still needs to be narrowed down a bit but maybe if we can find a better way to handle EB (like not over using Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) then maybe we would be better off! I know that as a kid I got sore throats like crazy so I’m sure I did have EB at some point and maybe the combo of that and the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead killing off my healthy bacteria had something to do with it? I guess we may never know, but I do know that taking probiotics really helps me keep my symptoms at bay these days…

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