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Recently my husband installed this app called “Pocket” he was raving about. I wasn’t quite sure what he was saying about how it worked or why it was so awesome until about two days ago.

I was sitting in the car in a Wholefoods Parking Lot with not only a sleeping toddler behind me but a chicken that we had just picked up to replace our Boy Chicken who we had hoped was a girl. I was waiting for my husband who was picking up dinner.

My phone as the only form of entertainment, and a great distraction from the less than pleasant chicken smell, I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed to see what was going on. I found an article I wanted to read, clicked on it, and then the painful waiting began…it loaded the first page (mobile screen page, so about a paragraph and a half) and I was getting impatient. A few minutes later, I remember that pocket app…maybe I should check that out! So I installed that app (didn’t take nearly as long as that article) and then “shared” that page to my “Pocket” and voila!! I was able to read the article very soon after this.

So then I started getting excited..I hadn’t checked out my Twitter feed for a while, or at least hadn’t read many of the articles that I like to stay up to date on, so I went to my Twitter app and started clicking on the interesting stuff, then putting it all into my pocket!!

It was like a dream come true…why? Because for me, as a mom, my moments, minutes, times to read are SO varied and spontaneous…and the frequent need to wait for something to load when I do get a few minutes can be maddening!! So now, with this app, basically I can just go to the app, and read whatever I have filed to read later!! I am so so excited to be able to have this really really simple reading list available to me now…it’s way easier than trying to keep track of all those papers that I seem to accumulate.

Thanks Geoff I am loving my Pocket!!

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