Explaining Child Addiction

Ok, I am writing this because I feel like I’ve figured it out, and I need to share. I have three kids, and it is kind of crazy, all the time. It’s ironic because MOST of my friends are childless…can’t explain that one but I have a lot of single women friends without kids. I find myself sometimes wondering…why did I do this to myself? I have in the past been a wildly independent woman, fully supporting myself (and my daughter at some point), and tended if anything, to AVOID the kind of commitment required of a mother.

I’m sure you have heard about the studies, the ones that say that the whining/crying child voice is one of the most stressful sounds IN THE WORLD. I hear this sound regularly, it drives me nuts and I do not think I have any real “immunity” built up around it..it messes me up!

Yes I have been a mom for nearly 10 years. It still trips me out but it is true, and as I was sitting here, some what frantically trying to get some work done (writing for another site) I hear this loud, passionate, interminable laughter coming from the other room.

Then I just heard an older child explaining to a younger one…”You can’t just press random buttons!!” and I just feel kind of…ok with the world.

Three’s enough, but I’m crazy about all three of them!!

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