Facebook Nurse-in

Well, I almost didn’t find out in time what the whole nurse in was about, but fortunately I went to starbucks this morning and saw a mention of it on a Seattle newspaper. Apparently the facebook powers that be have deemed photos of babies eating (aka nursing) more offensive than all those scantily clad women showing MUCH more boob. So in response there is a virtual nurse-in going on today where moms are posting pictures and statuses related to nursing.

Personally, I don’t find boobs offensive in either case, they are beautiful in that they serve many functions, I’ll elaborate when I’m using a real keyboard, typing on my blackberry now.

…couple hours later, I’m on my new msi wind computer now (love love love it!!! Thanks to my lovely husband Geoffy Bear!!!)

Anyway, I did some more research on the nurse-in and it’s pretty big, there’s about 70,000 people who have joined (almost) probably people like me who just posted pics/statuses too though.

I’m hoping to find out sooner about an event like this so I can promote it more.

3yo coming, don’t want her to take interest in my new computer….good night!!!

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