Fantasy Coming True?

It sure as hell looks like it… a man named Aza Raskin appears to have been thinking about providing a tool much like I have fantasized about since sometime during the Spring 2010.

I am talking about my vision of people being able to really REALLY take control of their health. Right now, start doing your own research and it is easy to get confused. I know many people who start, find one thing, and then stop, and swear that the “one thing” which often doesn’t have much data behind it is the answer. Worse and I hate to say it but probably more common, people listen to their doctor. You know the one their insurance company picked out and assigned and who is akin to god for addressing their medical needs.


The thing is, having come from a back ground of training in conceptually based communication design, working in product development in the SaaS world of Business Intelligence and creating creative ways to collect and utilize data, I KNOW it is possible to make sense of this sea of data floating around.

My first inspiration came from watching what google did with data, then Hunch and the way they use data already available to magically come up with what someone wants (or needs) to know. It was Spring 2010 which is when my Fantasy became public, hearing radio shows about the decline of PCP as a choice specialty, the World Bank investments in reusing Data for revamped Health Research, all while observing trends in the members of my Moms With MS project, to now seeing the way that Aza is pulling together Massive Health, I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief. It’s more anticipation and excitement actually, because no I don’t know exactly how he and his team are pulling it together exactly, but I know that the overall goal, data-based simplification of making real health accessible, is something I believe we have in common.

I do not know how much eastern/western/natural medicine data is going into this, nor the utilization of user data as submitted by users as I imagine, but I’m watching closely, and ready to move back to the Bay Area anytime.

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