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I have noticed that a lot of people seem to really like this time of year. Personally though, I generally don’t like it so much. Warm weather is my elixir and when it starts to fade, and I can’t go out without a few layers on…my mood tends to fade too. I’m not diagnosed with SAD but I wouldn’t be surprised.

SO I am making a very conscious effort to focus on what I AM grateful for, especially related to the time of year and here is what I have got so far:

Costumes :: I love how excited my kids get about costumes…I don’t usually get to into it but it is fun to watch them and help get them ready for their parties and trick or treating activities…

Squash :: I LOVE acorn squash…especially when my husband makes this fabulous soup with bacon on/in it…omg it is absolutely delish!!

I’ll stop there…just because I don’t want to run out of things to write about…lol…it’ll be my goal to write as many good things I’m grateful for as I can! Hopefully one a day!! I’ll be posting here and on Intersect.com too because I like the way their timelines work…

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