FedEx = Holiday Fail

I ordered some things on the 19th from one of my favorite stores with the fastest delivery available (between the 24th & 26th)…still waiting and I can’t even have Geoff pick it up because we have different last names.

How old fashioned is that?

Not to mention I ordered things from other stores that use say, UPS or USPS and they all came on time, or maybe a day late.

We tried to explain to the woman that I am in my third trimester, and caring for a sick 3 year old and it doesn’t make sense for ‘me’ to go get it when he can. It doesn’t matter if I send him with my id and a signed letter with signature, brings a marriage certificate, hell, it would be interesting if he brought all that and a video of Kenzie coughing, an ultrasound picture and a picture of my face (exhausted after barely sleeping for 3 nights), oh but we can’t do that, she said they need to ‘find’ the package, as in they don’t know the location.

Doesn’t matter, it’s FedEx policy.

I thought their policy was to deliver packages when they were promised to be delivered?

Silly me. I know it won’t be today because she confirmed that it is NOT on a truck. It ‘was’ on a truck on Christmas eve…but it got demoted apparently. Hopefully I’ll see my package next year.

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