Feel different today…

There is definitely a feeling today, in my lower abdomen that is new…more of a ‘presence’ if you will, right at the bottom of my abdomen area. I think there was either movement or significant growth of my uterus last night.

Prior to this if I got sharper pains I felt them in the left side of my stomach, a little higher.

I’m excited for people to know I’m preggo…for a little while I had on a very cute pink shirt that was kind of tight, but really long and I thought it was soooo cute, tummy was definitely visible in a way that I don’t really want yet though…well, I do but I don’t. Especially considering my dad’ll be at the picnic I think baggy is better.

I think we’ll be telling people in early September…once we have the first appointment with Cindy (midwife we met with on Wednesday) and it is confirmed that all is well.


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