Feeling Very Normal…

Bacon…makes everything better right?

Ok, I have a cold. First it was seeing the kiddo’s with their runny noses, sneezing, coughing, etc. and then it was yesterday when for me it was HEADACHE…I’m such a wimp when it comes to that stuff. I was trying green jasmine tea, coffee, water, whatever I could think of, and then by the time I was trying to go to bed my nose was a faucet, tissue in my nose getting drenched, sneezing into a towel in bed, it was um, exciting to put it nicely.

I realized though that this was so foreign to me…In the past I have totally taken having MS to mean that my overactive immune system wouldn’t let me catch a cold (I’m a Super Mom!!) but I’ve been feeling really great MS-wise and then…this! It is great as far as I’m concerned because it is not so dramatic as say, not being able to walk or something. I’m going to let these sniffles run their course and enjoy the blissful feeling of being a normal human being until then…I’ll be sure to take my vitamins too, figure everything helps!!

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