Financial Planning….

So yeah, I’m really really tired, so what do I do? Obsessively write up a financial skeleton for the next year so I know the numbers I’ll be working around. I’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out with the FSA deductions taking so long to start and so yeah, lots of blanks to fill in but I’ve got my regular payments spaced out nicely!!

I guess now I can go to sleep in peace, I have a munchkin that just climbed up on my lap telling me that it is time to read a book and do just that…go to bed.

Can you tell I figured out how to send pictures to my blog via my phone camera? I totally love it!! I’ll try and add lots of clever little tidbits through my day, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve met a new guy recently, well, I’ve met LOTS of new guys in the last few weeks…this one seems like he might have some staying power! He’s really sweet, professional, seems stable, and is very caring so far…I’m trying not to rush though. Only catch is he is definitely older…about 12 years. So we will see!

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