Finding New Evenflo Baby Gate Wall Mounting Pieces

Moving is so fun, lol, we have managed to accidentally pack even a DOOR KNOB from the home we just moved out of…sheesh. One thing that I couldn’t find that I WANTED to pack was the mounting pieces (is that a bracket?) for the Evenflo Baby Gate that I have literally had for YEARS even though I have not had stairs…I bought it at a consignment store I believe when I first moved to Seattle from NYC probably in October 2006. I was living at my grandfather’s home which had a very steep (and hard!) staircase and I was terrified my little one year old might take a dive down those stairs. Fortunately she never did, and I never did get that gate up either (I just kept a really close eye!). We only lived there for about six months before my long string of homes where I didn’t really need a gate began.

So here I am now needing a gate!! I’m sitting upstairs in the new house we are renting in my lovely new work area with built in desk and drawers that is adjacent to a lovely large room that we are planning to make a play area. Stairs to get downstairs though are at the other end of the room though and so I really DO want to get a good baby gate up, and honestly the one that I already HAVE is one of the best that I have seen up at other people’s houses, here it is if you are curious:

But now…I can’t find those little metal pieces!! I was planning on going to a home improvement store with the gate (and probably three kids) and ask for some help, which probably would have been the most affordable option but have you ever brought kids to one of those stores? It is hard!! I eventually found the Replacement Parts page on the EvenFlo site and went ahead and ordered the pieces. Unfortunately the way you find the pieces you have to enter the year and item number so I’m kind of gambling that the parts are the same measurements as my older model…I got the item numbers off Amazon because I don’t know exactly where the gate is, just that we have it somewhere. I guess I will see how it works out but I am sure glad that I found where to find the replacement parts if they don’t fit!!

I figure even if I do lose the ten bucks on the replacement parts it’s better than if I lost the forty bucks on buying a new one! Since I just discovered there is another hardware kit available for my model and I am getting used to using the Quickable app to sell stuff on my phone I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

(My husband did just find the part number on it and it looks like a more appropriate one IS available…he said he will see if he can make it work…otherwise we will order the “right” one) – Be sure to look at the bottom of your Evenflo baby gate if you are looking for the item number and date to get the right replacement parts (or “Hardware Kit” as they call it), that is where it is located.

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