“First Aid Shoe Emergency” Travel Tip

Right now I am in the middle of an intense Leadership Seminar away from home, I’m with my husband and staying busy all day and most of the night.

When at a seminar like this, I really want to put my best face forward, and so this morning when I decided my clogs were better candidates than my cute flat gold slippers I wore (and suffered from lack of support with) yesterday.

So when I looked at them, my first thought was shoot, I wish I had gotten some shoe polish…the toes were all dry and kind of scraped and especially since I was wearing dark pants I didn’t want the lighter gray patches of the leather to be drawing unwanted attention.

Next thought…what can I do what can I do…there is a drug store and I did have some time at this point, but I also have some other to-do items that I would like to get done such as getting some food for breakfast, lunch and snacks and calling my sweet little four year old who has been asking when mommy will be home.

So I thought a moment about what shoe polish is…shoe polish is grease, it coats the dry fibers of the leather and makes them appear moist and supple again. Soon I was poring over all the items I brought with me to find the greasiest one…first things I thought of were my lotions, though as an Arbonne Independent Consultant I knew that while the moisturizers I brought were moisturizing, they were absolutely not oily, so I really didn’t think that was the best option.

Then I saw it.

My neosporin that I brought on a whim was sitting right there on the counter. I had used it last night to help my ears which were wearing earrings for the first time in a few months and my experiences of neosporin with bandaids often involved spreading too much on my/the skin making the bandaid unable to stick…because it was too GREASY!!!

So I took some toilet paper and squeezed out a bit of neosporin and dabbed it on, I paused to smile when I saw the dry gray part turn black once more and put on a bit more and rubbed it in as if it were the scraped knee of one of my adventurous daughters.

So I have my black shoes on, looking good and I’m ready to go run some errands, fashion emergency has been triaged, treated and released.

Another quick tip: if you are a nursing mom that has to travel I VERY highly recommend finding a hospital grade pump you can rent. As I am writing this I have the pump attached to me and it is a life saver to avoid engorgement when away from my sweet little baby girl.

My next tip might involve washing the lipstick out of the lighter pants I brought…I still need to think through a good solution for that one though, maybe face wash?Dry shoes + Neosporin = problem solved!!

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  1. Just to follow up…obviously this didn’t ‘last’ but it definitely served me at the time!! Good back up solution for when you don’t have a little flat can of that black stuff.

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