First Blackberry!

Harvesting from the garden with family is the best. Tonight we went to grandma’s house to harvest a whole bunch of ripe figs & water her plants. We knew about the figs obviously but then we ended up with those plus so much more! We ended up with loads of figs, blackberries, and a big ole zucchini!

The blackberries were fun, I was picking them as fast as I could but that still wasn’t fast enough for


me to continuously fed myself and Zazen. He kept grabbing for more and note!!

My favorite moment though was when we let Zazen pick a few blackberries himself He did such a good job being careful to pick that first one. Then as soon as he picked that first one he turned to me and popped it in MY mouth!! It was a welcome surprise as he had so desperately been reaching for more and more to eat earlier.

He lived the super ripe figs too for sure. He was able to best eat those when I gave him about half of one so he could scrape out the yummy pink part with his teeth easily.

I think that was my favorite blackberry ever.

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