Five Minutes + Whole30

Whew! I just went outside and ran/jogged for five minutes, that was intense! I’m a little bummed because I forgot to put on my fitbit to track it but I know I did it! See I read this article in the NYT yesterday about how running for just 5 minutes a day has a real impact on our health, so I figured I should start doing it!

I’m also still doing the Whole30 to the best of my ability…it is kind of hard to figure out what to eat sometimes though and I think I’m on day six or so…I have definitely slipped at least once, I ate a baklava the other day. I really love those things though!!! Other than that I’ve been having lots of salads and smoothies/dishes from my favorite restaurant Thrive.

Mostly I’m snacking, and my husband made some awesome chicken the other day too, a kind of saute with lots of veggies in it along with a bunch of steamed broccoli. I’m also having some chia cereal (just putting chia seeds with a little bit of salt into some coconut milk, letting it sit and stir it every few min) pretty much every day, nut bars every few days and an occasional avocado. Today I also started stirring coconut oil into my coffee…pretty yummy! I was surprised since I usually do not put milk or anything else in my coffee but this was a nice addition…particularly since I haven’t been having my normal protein smoothies in the morning recently that I usually add coconut oil into.

Tonight I’m going to meet up at a happy hour though…we will see how this goes!!

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