Fixing Baby Teeth and Unbounce…Mommy’s ON it…

It’s kind of a miracle, I’m out of the house with NO KIDS. In fact I’m sitting in a Starbucks, surrounded by other adults and everything. I don’t see ANY kids anywhere. It is kind of weird. So yeah, here I am sitting, and able to choose what I am going to do. I have some papers printed out from Unbounce that I’m absorbing…my husband and I were about to hire someone to do this for us but decided that it’s time for me to get my skillz updizated anyway so here we are!

But yes…distractions are still around. I found this great Mothering article for example about fixing Baby Teeth that off course is riveting as I am a mom who has experienced seeing my baby get a cavity 🙁 and I want to make it all better sans drilling etc. etc.

But anyway, back to what I’m reading on unbounce…I am staying focused as I can but man, I am SO tempted to keep putting the paper down to check on things that I already have set up with,, and so many other sites, I gotta get more active on LinkedIn, Quora, and yeah…I’ve been offline in mommyland for a minute. I know so much of what I’m reading but it is almost like that part of me has been hibernating a little bit, and it slowly WAKING UP!! It’s great to have this information to read too because up until this point I have been hacking most of my SEO work. I’m happy with some of the results (nearly 1000 members on!) but at the same time I know I could be doing better…so we will see how this goes!! Yay for finding a sitter on so I can do this!!

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