Apparently I’ve been living in a bit of a happy bubble in my blissful TV-free life for the last few days…when I saw headlines about ‘lots of rain’ I thought maybe there just wasn’t much other news to talk about, I thought “Rain in Seattle? Big deal…”. It started when a woman I have plans to meet up with sent me an email that she might not be able to make it due to the flooding on I-5 in between us. I’m so glad she reached out to let me know because WOW…I’m totally off making an ignorant statement like that!! Floods are serious wherever they are…

I listened to part of a KUOW show today (The Conversation) and read in their email that there was 20 miles of I-5 flooded!! I looked at the pictures on the PI website and there were ‘drowning’ houses, floating hot tubs and men in water up to their chest!

I also heard that a good friend of mine…who is even closer to having a baby than I am had to leave her apartment. I can only imagine how many horror stories are out there, and of course of all days I can’t find my phone.

I’m kind of in shock now regarding the flooding, I haven’t seen any flooding evidence around where I live/work (Alki/Downtown Seattle) but wow…

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