Former judge sentenced to prison for kids for cash scheme | Reuters

Former judge sentenced to prison for kids for cash scheme | Reuters.

I am not surprised at all to hear what this judge had going on, this is definitely a step in the right direction considering the judge was convicted and we are all reading about what is going on.

Now the next step is to make it ILLEGAL for these so called “Educational Consultants” to accept any kind of kickback. Lots of them claim they don’t get a kickback, but here’s a shocker, THEY DO.

Kids are being dealt at a ridiculous rate, often times these things are being subsidized by the government (aka us via our tax dollars) too.

I recommend the book [amazon_link id=”B000H5ULRU” target=”_blank” ]Help at Any Cost[/amazon_link] to anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, it’s an excellent source of information.

Kids are worth so much more, we all need to remember that it TAKES A VILLAGE, if a kid is having trouble, do what you can to help, don’t just put your head down and hope the problem goes away.

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