Forsythia Success!!


It's alive!!! Forsythia!!

It was just a few weeks, maybe months what I saw a neighbor on giving away some Forsythia! I was very excited and went to go pick it up the same day, but it was a really big root ball! I don’t have a pick up, just an old Odyssey that was loaded with kids that day) and I so I just grabbed off one of the little stumps from the root ball and took that.

That was just over a month ago, and while I did water it right after I planted it out in front of my house I haven’t really been watering it any more, mostly because we have had a decent amount of rain. Today I went out there though as I was also replanting a whole bunch of Iris’ that I had previously planted in a less than ideal place. I was poking around and was SO HAPPY when I saw these cute little budding branches/leaves coming from that stump!! I have no idea how fast it will grow but I am really looking forward to someday seeing some beautiful yellow flowers out front!!! Hopefully the Iris’ will finally get enough sun to bloom too!

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