Four Days Until Earth Day…

Earth Day is special to me, I feel very close to the powers of the earth to sustain the life of us, plants and all the other animals and organisms around us. I am grateful to have a place to live with space for me to experiment with my gardening and provide food for myself and my family too.

I also feel like the date that I was born on was no accident and that I was meant to celebrate and advocate for Earth Day…because it’s my Birthday!!

Back To The RootsYesterday, I decided to experiment with another one of my Roma Tomato starts…this one I put into the top of my Back to the Roots fish tank with the hopes that it will get some nourishment from the algae bloom in there…so far it seems perkier than when I first put it in so I’m very hopeful!! I also sprinkled some Chia and Cilantro seeds in there so it could get interesting! Right now some of the rock beds have some young basil and some lettuce, neither of which is doing particularly well at this point but Blue Hand (our Betta fish) is doing well and that is the important part.

I also put another tomato start outside, and also went around my whole front yard vegetable bed and surrounded all of my little plant babies with eggshells to protect them from slugs. I have a bunch of lettuce that is doing pretty well, a few tomato starts, some peas, strawberries and baby kale & radish too. I put some borage seeds in the middle of my strawberry patch but they aren’t popping up yet, so I put a lot of egg shells there and I will probably go back out after I write this to put some more out there because I love that stuff, or maybe I’ll focus on starting it inside…that seems to be working pretty well. Maybe put one seed in some soil and one seed in the fish tank!

There was a huge truck/bee incident yesterday and I’m hoping that the bees that escaped are happily building a hive somewhere! It didn’t happen particularly close to where we live but bees are scarce and I know we need them!

Enough rambling about the garden and the planet at this point…until tomorrow!

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