Freewheeling UX Agent…

2Yes, that is what I am realizing I am. Through this time of not having much paid work I am noticing a habit I have that is finding errors/room for improvement in the sites of both people I know or don’t, as well as company sites. I’ve let people know about:

*Dead Links on their LinkedIn profile
*Typos on their LinkedIn profile
*Typos on buttons on websites
*Bad UX experience (auto-populating a share via tweet option that produces too many characters rather than auto-truncating to fit)
*Link to “Monthly Newsletter” that takes user to a year old newsletter
*When looking up a company’s site I was sent to their Yahoo listing, which had an incorrect website listed for them.

Stuff like that..I seem to have a knack for finding these little (big when experienced) problems.

I think that these kinds of errors are happening more. This is because instead of the long planning and design period prior to launching a site, priority is given to creating new content to keep the robots busy crawling the new content and raising the sites higher in search ranking. Problem is, if only one main part of the site is getting updated, who is looking at the other parts of the site? Don’t get me started on the school sites I’ve been exposed to… Lots of these errors are just a little messy, but who wants to come across like THAT online?

When I find these things I usually will send an email through the contact form or email the person if that is how they have the site set up (or message them on LinkedIn, DM them on Twitter etc.). I don’t know if my notices are appreciated all the time but at least a few times I have gotten some lovely messages of gratitude, usually with a note that it’s been sent along to some team to address the issue.

I like to think of my notes as little good deeds.

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