Friday my “Moms with MS” day

Moms with MSI am very excited to watch the analytics of my project today, I spent a lot of the day updating the “Moms with MS” site to a much more robust theme and customizing it endlessly. It was complex enough that I know if I hadn’t taken the time I did today I likely would have just chosen a simpler theme but since I did have time and did focus on it I had a blast.

I have about 8 of 11 or so new bloggers just about fully registered and a few have already posted too, I know with the new content coming from so many other interesting women we will reach so many more people. I’m really honored to be working with such a driven group of women.

I think most exciting was getting all the feedburner content figured out, something was whacked out with the rss in the last theme but it’s running smoothly now and people can subscribe by email or through their rss reader. Also exciting is the form I found (I actually found a few, still testing to see which I like best) which I’m using to let readers submit questions to the bloggers and if this picks up I plan to schedule a podcast as well as tackle some of the questions on the blog, links and information about all of this on the site too as well.

In my experience a lot of people really don’t know about multiple sclerosis and are shy to ask, hopefully this kind of anonymity will help people to ask what they are curious about, and I know they’ll get a nice wide range of answers based on the widely varying bloggers we have on the site.

Now it’s about bedtime, time to go get my Re9 on and hit the sack!!! If you want to get your RE9 on go right ahead and feel good about it, all purchases made through that link help me pay for all this working I’m doing with the “Moms with MS” site.

Have a great weekend!!!

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