From Nomadic to Organic


After some fun conversation and immeasurable obsession on my part before and after I posted about changing the name of my blog I decided on “Nomadic Tech Mama” which is a play on how I used to refer to my youth as a “Nomadic Tech Child”.

It’s a name that I do relate to, having grown up around computers and moving a lot…(11+ schools between K-12th grade).

It’s been bugging me though since I decided on that…because I am now on a mission to provide stability for my family, and while I’m ok with moving for a good reason, it really doesn’t define me anymore, it’s not a goal.

So what do I care about/write about? Well I’m obsessed with wellness, allergies, diet, exercise, and chemicals not being linked to disease getting linked (like those in skin care, packaging, water, etc.). So that led me to swapping “Nomadic” with “Organic”. I now relate more to the Organic.

For me it is great because it rhymes as well, it kind of wants me to maybe make a poem or something…hmm…

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