Full Speed Ahead!!

Wow, tonight was totally one of those nights where both of my daughters were hitting milestone after milestone!!

First after a day of experimental panty instead of diaper time for Hazel, she peed in the potty for the first time!!! Never with me or with Daddy but when Kenzie got home and went to go to the bathroom Hazel joined her and used her little potty while she was in there with her sister!!

That was cool, just because it had been such a random curious thing to try after I saw an email from a friend who was asking about potty training. Kenzie of course is potty trained but I didn’t have the luxury of being able to spend so much time with her to ‘practice’ that sort of thing.

Later on Kenzie decided to go to bed in her OWN bed in her OWN room…total breakthrough. It isn’t too much of a surprise considering I just finally made her room livable over the last few days but she is usually with me when she goes to bed and has had a hard time going to sleep by herself.

I guess tonight I feel like a ‘real’ parent, I left both girls in bed and they actually went to sleep, it was amazing. I was up and not too exhausted. Considering there’s a third little one coming I really want to make sure I notice and appreciate all these moments…today was a big day for all of us.

I love being a mom. Since I had more energy than most nights when I’m actually able to get up after putting them down I updated their wishlists…so if you want to get either of them a present here are some links!!

Hazel’s Wishlist
Kenzie’s Wishlist

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