Fun at the Zoo!!

Last week I took Kenzie and Hazel to the zoo and we had so much fun!! It was towards the end of the day on Sunday, the last 2 hours before close and it was completely different from any other zoo experience I have ever had. It was a bit chilly out, and there was almost nobody there!

This means that we got to go right up to any of the open exhibits we wanted to without having to take turns to see the animals or anything like that.

We first went to the farm section because Kenzie had had a dream the night before involving a chick hatching out of an egg. I remembered we had seen the chickens last time and I figured we could at least check and see if there were any eggs/chicks to see. Here are the animals and reactions to them in the Farm exhibit…

After looking at all these animals we walked down the path and found our way to the Bug exhibit…I liked this one because it was inside. We took a few pictures here, they were a lot of fun to look at.

Kenzie learned a lot watching those creatures crawling around so much…

Kenzie loved to copy the spiders she saw and climb up this web..

Here is one of our favorite exhibits…and if you look at the video you will see why!!

So the Gorillas if you didn’t watch the videos were having a LOT of fun playing on this day and the kids just loved it, except when they were scared by it.

We’ll be going back to the zoo soon, preferably on a cold semi-wet day to keep our view of the animals clear 🙂 maybe a sunny day too…we are members so as long as we have money to get there and for cotton candy we are good!

Zoo Routine Includes Cotton Candy

Zoo Routine Includes Cotton Candy

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