I have spent a lot of this first week of the year (and a few weeks prior) learning as much as I can about the diet I have been somewhat following (Paleo) with the goal of being completely on it…and in one of my mailing lists someone mentioned “GAPS”.

It is involving the gut being connected to brain and brain “issues” both psychological and neutral….emphasis is on the psych stuff but it does specifically call out autoimmunity and some of our closely related celiac/chrohns etc. if you look at the “About GAPS” page (it’s very long)…

GAPSAnyway have any of you tried this diet? I am thinking I will give it a go, probably starting this month…I figure since I am still nursing Zazen I owe it to him to get my body working as well as possible to help his do the same….I’ll give it at least a month.

Please share your experiences!!! I made my first bone broth a few days ago and am loving it…

Hope your new year is going well!!!

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