Gate is up!!

I am so excited!! We already received our replacement parts for our Evenflo Gate as you can see in this picture and it is a HUGE relief…as you can see in our picture above we have a very steep staircase which leads up to our work/play/library spaces so it is nice to not have to worry so much about the kids potentially falling down the stairs…of course it is always possible but this helps my mind relax a lot.

I’m happy to say though while waiting for these parts though he has gotten a LOT of practice going up and down the stairs with someone spotting him so I’m happy he got that window for practice time too while he works more on his balance.

Now we just need to keep unpacking…someday I am hoping we’ll normalize a bit and everything will find it’s place…of course I suppose saying “hope” isn’t all that decisive, I am LOOKING FORWARD to the day when everything IS in it’s place and when dodging boxes and nursing wounds from walking into them are a thing of the past.

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  2. B.I. says:

    Wow cool crib reminds me of your grandmoms staircase a little

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