Gestational Diabetes Experience & Lessons Learned

I’m not even sure exactly how long ago it was, I think 2-3 weeks that my midwife suggested I find another one, and a day or two later let me know I had failed my Gestational Diabetes (GD) screening and would have to go get a 3hr test.

Let’s just say it was an intensely stressful week!

None of the more ‘qualified’ midwives they recommended to me accepted my insurance but I was VERY happy and grateful to see that the wonderful midwife who delivered Hazel DOES take my insurance. Even happier when they were able to squeeze in one more mom due in June!

But on to that GD…I started doing research and to put it simply, it totally freaked me out. I usually follow a relatively strict paleo diet and had been breaking those rules during pregnancy but mostly sticking to it, lots of fruits, veggies and meat basically.

When I looked up recommended gestational diabetes, I felt like it was telling me to eat all that I had been painstakingly avoiding. It listed cheese, milk, and lots of whole wheat type foods in other words. I am egg gluten dairy free at least when not doing the full on paleo.

I was crushed…it felt like I had to risk my multiple sclerosis flaring up or eat by this diet and save the baby and me from birth complications.

My naturopath, who isn’t covered with my insurance but fortunately I was able to get enough money scrounged together to meet with, said to CHILL OUT. I basically have a free pass to eat the dairy and eggs, but that the grains need to get cut. I am happily complying as I never even dared to wish I could eat eggs. I can only do this while I’m pregnant though…other than that she cut some of my supplements, tipped me off that the fish oil could complicate labor so to cut back when that comes closer, and thoroughly recommend I continue the acidophilus (sp?) as it is showing relapse rates better than some of the top prescription drugs…

So yeah, I learned that I can eat more variety (eggs and goat dairy) as well as more quantity wise…I had started tracking my diet and found that I wasn’t eating close to the recommended 2000 calories recommended for someone my age, not to mention the extra 300 or so since I’m pregnant! I passed the 3hr glucose screening test with flying colors, so we are in good shape. I have to admit I did treat myself to a frapuccino afterwards…but man…it was WORTH IT and I knew my body could process that sugar so I went for it.

Unfortunately some financial and personality clashes have come up with my ‘old’ midwifes office and now I can’t see her either. I still think she is totally awesome but her office manager nixed us pretty much when this morning kind of went to hell. Long story I’m to tired (from crying all day) to tell right now. I had arranged childcare so I could get to the appointment, otherwise I would have kept her with me as it was my baby’s birthday, then I got a call that some financial stuff that we had thought was worked out had to be handled this morning…I got the message as I was about to leave the house. I wasn’t able to get ahold of my husband in time and I was so hormonally upset and devastated that I gave up spending Hazel’s birthday with her for an appointment that now couldn’t happen and I made the mistake of communicating how upset I was…probably still choking/crying at the time, and it didn’t go over too well.

I didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t okay to be emotional when calling a midwifes office back to reschedule. The irony is that it is about bills from the past that we have never had the money to pay, and even now are on public health care, so it is confirmed I don’t have the money now. Even more ironic we consciously left them out of the bankruptcy because we 100% intend to pay them back as soon as we possibly can!

I know it will all work out though, baby is due in about 2 months, my birthday is in a week, my baby Hazel turned 2 today, and I made a yummy taco buffet to celebrate with some dear friends tonight…appropriately babysitting for the woman who made it possible for me to meet my lovely husband and Hazel’s dad way back when.

I think I will sleep well tonight because I am exhausted!!!

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