Getting better at the hair…

I read the book “Curly Girl” a few months ago and it’s become soo much easier to deal with Kenzie’s hair…especially the brushing part!

Her hair is getting so long, and it is beautiful, she doesn’t want to get a hair cut and so it can get overwhelming really fast when it isn’t in braids…last night though after her bath I’m pretty sure it took less than an hour which is a new record. She still fusses a bit but I can totally tell the tangles are not anywhere near as bad as they’ve been in the past.

Her 3 braids in this picture were at her request, she wanted, “Three braids because I’m 3” is what she said. She is growing up so fast, and she amazes me every day.


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2 Responses to Getting better at the hair…

  1. bikurgurl says:

    Love the hair! She is such a doll! 🙂

  2. bikurgurl says:

    I love it!! She is such a doll! 🙂

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