Getting excited about Sprouts!!

A recent video from (below) featured John interviewing one of the founders of and I was sold! I have been waiting for my kale/lettuce/tomato sprouts for what seems like forever…I figure if I can grow some wheatgrass or sunflower sprouts in the meantime then that will satisfy my need to “feel” more like a producer of my own food…

I confess that I was nervous about the cost and was pleased to see the trays were each only a few bucks and many of the seeds are sold by the pound, so hardly the cost of buying a lot of seed packets or something…which would be insane!

If you are one of my friends who “wants” to grow their your own food this is a great way to start…they have more videos in their FAQ that are very helpful too Click here to visit Got Sprouts and when you are there I think you’ll be happy to see they even have a free juicer program!!

Here is the video I mentioned:

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